About us

Together We Rise

We are Even Wang and Kelly Liu. The passion for cooking and baking made a baking dream in our head. Now we want to share our delicious baked goods with you at Woodberry Bakery.


At the heart of our business, we bake high-quality homemade goods from our kitchen. With just a simple mixer and a kitchen oven, we use our favorite recipe to produce variety of tasty baked goods. We place great importance on fresh ingredients. Every day, our joyful time is the first batch coming out of the oven in the morning. We love to add warmth to your home with our homemade goods. We cordially invite you to explore our products. 


Woodbury Bakery, established in 2023 provides a variety of authentic Asian-taste bakery.


Contact us if you have any questions.

email: woodberrybakery@gmail.com

Location: Solon, Ohio